Bike Fit

We are a Body Geometry fit specialist

We offer the following services:


Critical for every new bike setup, gets the rider into a ballpark position that they can ride with confidence.

Complimentary with bike purchase, no appointment necessary.

  • Static saddle height adjustment
  • Static saddle fore and aft adjustment
  • Static handlebar reach and height adjustment


The best investment any rider can make to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency, help avoid

injury, and provide relief from nagging pains that go unattended. Benefits ALL riders; mountain bike, road bike, recreational, commuter, other.

By appointment only, 2-3 hours with a trained fitter

  • Pre-fit interview
  • Advanced flexibility assessment
  • Advanced structural assessment
  • Dynamic saddle height & fore/aft
  • Dynamic handlebar positioning
  • Saddle fitting
  • Custom footbed fitting
  • Seat adjustment
  • Hip knee foot alignment
  • Other adjustments as needed
  • Follow up included to ensure positive results


All aspects of a BodyGeometry Fit on a bike equipped with aero bars. Due to more time-intensive hardware adjustments and position modifications, a triathlon fit can take up to an hour longer and is

charged out accordingly to ensure that your PB goals can be crushed at your next event.


After receiving a fit, most riders ask to have the same adjustments made to the other bikes in their personal collection. inquire with your litter to see what time is needed and packages are available to

suit your individual needs. Any bikes included in a package price would need to be completed within one month of your initial fit.