For the period of 2007 through till 2011 Blair was my cycling coach and mentor. During this time I went from being a beginner who knew nothing about the sport to getting a podium finish on the world stage at junior worlds in Russia, I tribute this to his coaching.

During this time he coached me through to winning a number of events both locally and national, events included Secondary Schools Nationals, TA junior tour and various regional championships. I also made the NZ team in 2009 – 2011, for road and track with many top 10 finishes and some podium finishes

I found Blair's style of coaching to be consistent, personal, he was easy to talk to and discuss training and progress with. He would often ride with me and give me technical advice and race tactics.

His style was firm but fair and this along with his other attributes made him a great coach and helped me deliver great results.

Scott Creighton
Ex Subway Pro Cycling